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Signature Celebration

The Signature Celebration is our most popular, 1 hour party. This special day includes your Princess' 3 favourite songs, storytelling, dancing & more! A magical day your family & guests will cherish for years to come. 


Perfect for Children Aged 3-8 years old. Starting from $285

Royal Arrival 

Your princess will arrive for your party at the scheduled time - punctuality is the politeness of princesses! She brings many magical treasures and will captive your guests of all ages with her pose and presence. Please have an adult size chair for the princess & carpet space for your little guests. 

Princess Performance 

Once your Princess has met the Birthday girl and your guests, she will sing three of her favourite songs from her movie. With her beautiful singing voice, your princess will perform engaging & interactive songs which all your guests will enjoy - be sure to have some tissues ready. Our princesses have been known to create waterworks. 


During this magical storytelling, your princess tells her famous story from her perspective.  This engaging and enchanting retelling includes singing and questions to captivate all of your guests. 

Princess Dance  

It is time for your guests to attend the Royal Ball! Your princess will lead your little guests in a dance inspired by all of her princess friends! From swimming in the ocean, to flying on a magic carpet across the sky, each of your guests will have fun at the royal ball for your birthday girl's special day.

Enchanted Treasure Hunt

Your princess and guests will play 1 enchanted, thematic game. Your guests and birthday princess will search for hidden treasures in your little kingdom. This game is perfect for the little princes or pirates at your party as well. 

Each little guest will receive a treasure from your Princess. Every one of your little guests will receive treasure at no extra cost. 

Royal Coronation Ceremony

The big moment of the day is the Royal Coronation Ceremony for your Birthday Princess. In front of all your guests, the Birthday Girl receives a magical rhinestoned tiara transforming her into a real princess for the day. The birthday girl also receives a Best Friend Certificate which proclaims your Princess and the Birthday Girl to be Best Friends Forever. This is the perfect time to bring out your camera for those magical memory making moments.

Each Guest Receives their own special keepsake from your Princess.

Royal Portraits

Now that the birthday princess has been crowned and wearing her regal crown and beautiful smile, it is time for Royal Portraits. The princess will take time with the birthday princess, the family, and all of your guests to save this magical moment.

Each little guest will also receive an individual photo with the Princess along with a group photo with your family & guests. 

Royal Finale

It is time for your Princess to sing Happy Birthday with her beautiful singing voice, share a magical surprise, and lead your guests in the Royal Goodbye. As it is not goodbye, simply, until next time. 

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